About maskalia


Maskalia was founded to make our private and business customers, cheap protective masks easily accessible

With our information and shopping page we want to achieve three goals:

1. Informed selection of the correct protective mask

At the beginning of 2020, no one outside of a few special professional fields (e.g. doctors, asbestos workers, etc.) was interested in protective masks - a few months later, we should all be experts! At present, the protective mask market is like in the Wild Western: prices have exploded, then fallen again, questionable offers have been flushed onto the market to compensate for a vacuum in Europe. maskalia wants to create clarity and order here. We are expanding our product range, but are already offering over 10 different mask types to help you choose the right mask for your needs and needs through our purchase advice page.

2. Wide range of products at fair prices

It is still extremely difficult to obtain high-quality protective masks in a wide variety of fields of application at affordable prices. We have made this our main task! We spend most of our time and energy not in marketing this website but in tracking down the best mask manufacturers who are ready to supply us at affordable prices. 

3. Provide help where help is needed

maskalia is a web shop of Shop plus plus GmbH, which has been implementing the principle of "Help without additional costs" for over 10 years through various e-commerce offers. So also through maskalia! The more masks we sell, the more masks we can make available to non-profit organizations free of charge. We donate 5% of our sales in the form of protective masks to the hospital or the aid organization of our customers' choice.