Aid action COVID-19 crisis



Following the guiding principle "Help without additional costs", the Shop plus plus GmbH, which operates the online shop maskalia, we do not only want to help our customers to protect themselves and their environment from the corona virus ( SARS-CoV- 2) , we also directly help hospitals and aid organizations that urgently need masks: 

maskalia and Shop plus plus GmbH donate 5% of sales as protective masks of choice to the hospital or aid organization that is selected by our customers at the end of each month!

Nomination of hospitals or aid organizations

Every customer can nominate a hospital or an aid organization after ordering by simply sending us an answer email to the order confirmation! Alternatively, you can also use our contact form for the nomination. In this case, just make sure that you have the same email address that you used for the order.

Selection of donors

The selection is made monthly through a newsletter survey. Every customer who has subscribed to the newsletter has one vote, regardless of whether or not he / she bought this month.

Special promotions shop plus plus partner organizations

Shop plus plus partner organizations are automatically beneficiaries of the mask donations, which can be attributed to the purchases made by their own members. The Shop plus plus partner organizations only need to contact maskalia to get a corresponding tracking code to inform their own members!